If Sin was standing in front of you, this is what it would look like. A review on ‘Sodom’ by Fourth Monkey Theatre Company

So first things first… Why did I buy a ticket to Sodom? Well I could have chosen a range of different shows by Fourth Monkey Theatre Company: The Ark, Acension part 1 & 2, The Whale… All of which look great. But there was something about Sodom that caught my eye… Maybe it was the burnt doll’s face on the poster, or maybe it was seeing a dapper man with two dirty, sad, homeless girls who were drinking Ribena, standing on the Royal Mile shouting about Sin. (I’m not gunna lie, it was definitely seeing the dapper man and the confusion of the Ribena… But the poster’s alright to).  

As I entered the theatre there was; unnerving music, eerie lighting and scattered dirty people on stage, their bodies frozen in different positions. (I know, creepy right!) This black box theatre had been transformed and I was very, very curious and excited about what was to follow. 

The ensemble work throughout was undoubtably some of the best I had ever seen! For example their choral speaking was on point, and there was a strong connection between cast members which shined in the scenes. Of course, there was some actors which stood out much more than others. But, casting wise, I thought the parts were fairly distributed and they played to their strengths.

An emotional, dark, clever story about the toxic effect of one man’s disgusting incestuous sin on the rest of the town, not for the innocent minded (but let’s be honest, that doesn’t exist). The ambiguous nature of the piece added to the tense atmosphere. We watched from the perspective of a complete outsider to this small town of Sodom… Not knowing why this was happening, or who had the control. We were kept in the dark when it came to specifics, all we knew was: him up there, he controls everything… (so ‘he’ is probably God.. Seeing as it was about sin?) but there was the million dollar question: why? At times the disease ridden ensemble would know more than us, and like a story-flashback, they would tell us what happened before. Before the end, the end where they are all brutally blind, bloodied lace pulled over their eyes… but they can see, clearer than ever, what was happening. (What a lovely little paradox).

The taboo theme of incest fuels the dark storyline… The words and actions make you sick to your stomach (but in a good way!). Such a incredible piece of theatre, ticks all the boxes, and you will be on the edge of your seat throughout!


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